360 degree cgi virtual tours

We are now making 360 degree virtual tours. A great way to experience a 360 degree tour of a sequence of rooms or a building within its landscape or setting. Works perfectly on the web or mobile (twinned with a mobile device gyroscope). See below for a recent render done for a client.

You can look around the whole room or space freeing the viewer from a static image. You can also zoom into detail or zoom out to see a wider view. Try it with your mouse, and get in touch with us if you would like to know more!

1:1 Printed Building!

We don’t get these requests often so it was great to work on. We produced 1:1 rendered elevations of the facade looking through into the interior of a proposed project in Scandicci, Tuscany for RSHP. The images were then printed at 1:1 onto a mesh which was used to wrap the construction work until the building was completed. We think it looks fantastic. Here is what we produced.


And here it is in situ


Wimshurst Pelleriti get planning

Another of our images featured in the Architects’ Journal today. The image was done for Wimshurst Pelleriti Architects. The building is for the charity Veterans Aid. A great project to be involved in.


Y-Cube featured

Our image for RSHP project ‘Y-Cube’ appears in


Image featured in Evening Standard

One of our images for Veterans Aid Hostel was on pg15 of the Evening Standard today.We worked on it for Wimshurst Partners


Scott Tallon Walker wins planning

Our verified views for Scott Tallon Walker‘s project for UCLH radiotherapy centre has been featured today in Building Design Magazine as it wins planning


RSHP flat pack homes – The Tanneries, Newham

Our images form the main headline for the RSHP project we created the verified views for. The project is in Newham and will deliver 36 new homesRogers-teams-up-with-London-council-on-flatpack-homes-for-rent-_-News-_-Building-Design-1

Maxwell render feature

Some of our work is featured in Maxwell Render, The Light Simulators latest Archi Viz reel. Watch it at the link below


RSHP Deptford

One of our images for RSHP scheme in Deptford has been featured in Building Design magazine this weekSqueezed-fees-see-Rogers-exit-Deptford-_-News-_-Building-Design-1

Foster Lomas Great Fen

Our images for Foster Lomas great fen competition entry has been featured alongside the winner in the Architects Journal


Antarctica Halley VI completed

A while back we did the initial CGI for the Halley VI British Survey base for Hugh Broughton.


Well its now been built