Tmall Merchant Service Agreement

The content of these rules includes the main text, all the other agreements or rules mentioned in these rules, as well as the various rules, regulations and standards that have been adopted or may be adopted in the future by Tmall Global. All rules, regulations and standards are an integral part of these rules and have the same legal value as the main text of this regulation; There is an additional deduction of 0.5% (or more at the discretion of merchants) per transaction, which is accumulated for to reward consumers in future promotions. To comply with Chinese consumer law, foreign merchants must offer customer support in Chinese, offer the ability to process customer returns to China and arrange shipping abroad directly to Chinese consumers. Tmall Global can help outsource these processes to third parties. A member who receives benefits through inappropriate means receives a deduction of 48 (48) points for each offence, whether or not he or she has actually received a benefit. Tmall Global will permanently cease to provide goods or services to this distributor or will accept the goods or services of that member; At the same time, this member`s affiliated stores are limited by participating in Tmall`s global marketing activities for six (6) months. Tmall Global reserves the right to deduct from the bond an amount corresponding to the damages or expenses incurred by Tmall Global or a customer. If the down payment is less than the required amount, the merchant must cover the difference within 15 days of Tmall Global`s notification. If the distributor exceeds the deadline, Tmall Global will suspend the store until payments are received.

Store blocking: refers to blocking a member`s information data and merchandise in search results, browsing, marketing and other services; This one-time fee (in Tmall Globals` Alipay account) is used as collateral in the event of damages or expenses incurred by Tmall Global or a customer as a result of merchants who violate the terms of the Tmall Global Merchant Service Agreement and other Tmall Global rules and policies.