Act Labor Greens Parliamentary Agreement

Among the measures contained in the parliamentary agreement were: to make up for the shortfall, it was said that this would facilitate “planning and other processes” to help clubs diversify their revenue systems. The Greens` proposals for feasibility studies for the extension of the line to Mawson and the high-speed train were incorporated into the agreement. The party had launched a $400 million package for 400 public housing units and 600 affordable rents and had pledged to fund MyHome in Curtin, all included in the agreement. Once again, the Greens have secured an ambitious and progressive series of commitments in the parliamentary agreement, including the creation of an independent anti-corruption commissioner, a ban on greyhound racing, measures to minimise the damage caused by gambling by reducing the number of licensed poker machines in the capital, a legal obligation to reduce emissions by 2050 , the second cycle of the city of Civic in Woden. , plus run by Nurse Walk In Centres, a mental health agency, free bus rides for seniors and concession cardholders, reforms to the energy efficiency rating system and education funding focused on Gonski`s needs. The agreement provides for the ACT to commit to building new high-energy energy storage projects, includes a ban on new gas connections for residential construction in green grasslands, the development of new public charging infrastructure for public electric vehicles, financial incentives to support the purchase of electric vehicles and the purchase of 90 all-electric buses for the ACT`s public transport network. The agreement provides that they will do so by offering interest-free loans of up to $15,000 to households to purchase solar modules and electric cars, introduce energy efficiency standards for rents, maintain a fully electric Molonglo shopping centre and cut gas connections with the new suburbs by 2020-21. In the next ACT government, the Greens will have three ministers who, as part of a parliamentary agreement, should accelerate the gradual expansion of petrol vehicles and increase the number of social housing units. As part of the new “parliamentary and in power agreement,” the ACT Greens have agreed to help ACT Labor form a government, including support for the adoption of draft budgets, and will not do or support motions of censure, except in particularly monstrous cases of corruption or neglect. All ACT Labor and ACT Greens MLAs today signed a parliamentary and power agreement for the 10th Legislative Assembly, during which they agreed to work constructively and collaboratively to govern in the best interests of ACT residents.