Unh Consent Agreement

“Based on audits by the CDC and other public health experts in the federal and federal states, we believe that social renunciation and other safe practices can significantly reduce the risk of viral infection. The authorization form informed that students who wish to return to campus are invited to sign, recognizes the expectations we expect individuals to participate in the social and hygienic practices that we have identified as important on all our campuses (Plymouth State University, University of New Hampshire, Keene State College and Granite State College). Informed consent is not equivalent to a disclaimer. It is an awareness that a student understands what is expected and that it is their individual responsibility to follow behavioural and safety practices that we hope will reduce the risk to students, teachers and staff returning to our campuses. Our institutions have worked with local students, cities and municipalities, businesses, homeowners, campuses, local and government law enforcement agencies, and government officials to work together to protect each other and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Students and legal experts have criticized the form and say it is an exemption from liability that could free the university from a legal debt if a student under contract with COVID-19 returns to campus. In June, students at the UNH School of Law compiled a six-page document of their 122 questions on various topics, including the agreement. Josh Marshall, a second-year law student at UNH, said he wanted administrators to be better informed about student behaviour in coronavirus, contact tracking and legal audit. He said he and others were concerned about the part of the approval agreement that says students take the risk of being on campus. The agreement recognizes that tuition fees will remain the same “regardless of the learning environment for the fall of 2020.” Many students are dissatisfied that rates have not been changed to reflect what will be a semester already limited by the effects of coronavirus. The agreement for students to return “voluntarily” to campus states, “I am starting from the risks associated with entering the University of New Hampshire, including the risk of exposure to COVID-19.” The approval agreement also appears to require students to take on some of the risks associated with La Covid-19.