Tenancy Agreement Easy Read

The lease is a “Statutory Assured Shorthold” lease – on the lease (page 1), it shows a departure date and an end date – that end date does not mean that you must move or that your lease is terminated. This is only the fixed term, usually a six-month period after which the lease is only valid every month until termination. Please note that you must inform us that you are leaving 28 days before your last day. The document can be edited and can be reused by all users. You can write down details about your lease. The form is in PowerPoint format, and you can change words and images to do it for you personally. Click here to see what your lease might look like. Please use this link to download the document: Rental Contract (an easy-to-read guide) Web Click here to read an Easy Read guide on your rental agreement. Ace Anglia collaborated with Orwell Housing to develop an accessible guide for a lease.

The document explains: Translated versions of this publication are available in support files: It is important that all changes to the housing allowance are reported as soon as you or your support staff become aware of a change. You can contact us and tell us if you are leaving the property, moving to another room or if, for some reason, ESA has stopped what automatically ends your housing allowance. As long as we know, we can start to solve the problem. Thanks to Orwell Housing for funding this cooperation project. An Errata has been published 07/12/2017 for the full list of changes – Eratta An Errata has been published 10/02/2019 for the full list of changes – Eratta Polish (PDF) Punjabi (PDF format) Urdu (PDF format).