Sports Club Sponsorship Agreement Template

A printable sponsorship agreement template is available for your application. You can simply download for your use. The sponsorship contract consists of the following elements. You`ll find the event agreements If you want more information about sponsors, read the sponsorship activation. The sponsorship letter also consists of general terms and conditions to the sponsor and the organizer. This confidential statement; The sponsorship agreement is effective (date) between (organizing name) a business is organized and exists according to the laws of the state or province (steam/province) with its head office at (full address) sponsor name and sponsor of a company and exists according to the laws of the (state / province with headquarters at (full address) during the name of the company. The organizer has an exclusive right to organize and organize a (type) event to submit the terms of the sponsorship agreements are below, as it is an example of a sponsorship agreement between the sponsor and the organizer. Now known as “company” and name, now “sponsor” have concluded this agreement freely and by their availability. The day (of the month) (year) Although the hope is of course that everything goes well, it is important that your shoulders are protected against certain potentially unpleasant situations that can be counterproductive for the sponsor and also for the sponsored property.

What can happen if, for example, the club or team you sponsor is disqualified or if the athlete wearing your logo has positive anti-doping tests? Would sponsorship continue or would it be terminated? Would the money you paid be repaid either in part, or in full, or not at all? These and many other cases should be considered in the development of a sponsorship contract in order to find a clear solution so that they can be clearly stated in the document. The simple sponsorship contract is a legal document that indicates the relationship between the sponsorship obligation and the sponsorship obligation. There are specific issues that, in such an agreement, benefits to the sponsor, payments under the contract, the circumstances of the use of logos, and the right of any party. Sponsorship agreements in pdf.MS Word and Google Doc are available for your needs. You, the head or president of the department, is responsible for working on the agreement with the sponsor. You can get an example of the sponsorship contract in MSWord and PDF. Let`s start with the fact that, in most cases, a sports sponsorship contract consists of a few fixed elements that can be summarized as follows: on the one hand, if it can be rightly said that any sponsorship agreement is another story, this applies all the more to sponsorship agreements that are specifically defined to settle the smallest details of the agreements concluded by the two sponsorship agreements. Once included in the agreement, items such as timing, money, parties involved, visibility details and activations, if any, will be “frozen” on the pages and will settle any future events. What is not in the agreement has no value.

The event sponsorship contract will cover the sponsorship of a single individual event. Its design is used according to the wishes of sponsorship related to the event and its organizer.