Rental Agreement Rent A Center

You agree to compensate, defend and keep unscathed CAR AND suppliers, as well as their respective senior managers, directors, employees, affiliates, parent companies, agents, licensees and suppliers, for all losses, expenses, damages and expenses, including reasonable legal fees resulting from your violation of these terms. These conditions benefit the CAR and its suppliers, as well as their executives, directors, employees, affiliates, parent companies, agents, licensees and suppliers. Each of these individuals or entities has the right to assert and enforce these conditions directly against you on their own behalf. Authorization to debit your account: Having authorized an ePay payment, you authorize RAC to make a single charge on the bank account or card that you indicate in the amount due to your selected agreements. If you use a money transfer service or a third-party mobile application, your transaction may be subject to additional terms and conditions for these applications and fees or fees not assessed by the CAR. Once the payment is complete, RAC will present a receipt indicating the amount debited to your instructions to the address you indicate via email. Payment rules: Payments are debited from your bank account or card account indicated on arrival or after the date you make the ePay payment. In the event that the online payment transaction requires an account billing adjustment, the initial payment will be cancelled and a new payment will be set for the updated amount and/or payment date. If you need to update your card or bank account information at any time, you can update your online bank details by logging in to my account. These terms and conditions do not ignore, alter or in any way diminish your obligation to be bound and to comply with all applicable rates, rules or regulations related to your contract. Under the terms of your agreement, you are required to renew your contract if you choose to keep the goods. In processing online payments, it is your responsibility to ensure that the funds available are sufficient to make payments via ePay and/or AutoPay.