Product Wholesale Agreement Template

Your business is starting to grow and you get your first wholesale order. But where to start? The first thing you need to do is create a wholesale professional catalog. This catalog should be divided into 3 different parts: A typical wholesale hiking concept would look like this: Please email us details about the product before returning it. Returns are very important in the wholesale trade. Please clearly respect your return conditions. Other important factors that you need to consider when preparing the wholesale contract are listed below. If you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each sector. Other names for this document: retail contract, sales on the wholesale trade means selling your products at discounted prices (usually 50% of the retail price). For this reason, you want to make sure that your big customer is a valid business and not one or more consumers who want lower prices. In this section, you indicate that your customer must be a valid retailer and that he certifies that this is so by accepting your terms (and signing the contract).

You should also specify if you are willing to authorize sales in sites other than the sales available in the contract. For example, secondary stores or online shops. Send your order via our wholesale site to Like any legal contract between two different parties, the first element of your wholesale contract should clearly identify your business. You need to set your detailed company information such as: You should always set the minimum value of the order for your merchants. My proposal would be to keep it between $300 and $600. It goes without saying that you must respect the minimum number of orders depending on the product. Today we focus on how you can create a wholesale contract for your business. They will probably find it under other names, such as a “wholesale contract” or “conditions of sale,” but they all refer to the same document. A good contract serves two purposes: selling in bulk usually means selling your products in large quantities. You want to make sure that your customer`s purchase is important enough for your wholesale business to make sense, as your margins are generally lower than for retail sales. You can define this requirement in two different ways: this section must provide a list of rules that your growing customer must follow in order to sell your products to consumers.

You want to make sure that your customers don`t sell your products at too low or too high a price compared to your usual selling price, as this could damage your brand image. Here, you can opt for two different solutions: products or products purchased by Ross can only be sold at the manufacturer`s offered sale price (MSRP). If the wholesale account sells products or products at a discount, the wholesale account cannot sell more than 15% of the products under MSRP. Permission for special sales events exceeding the 15% reduction in the wholesale account must be requested in writing from Black Helmet Apparel and is generally granted every six months. Ready to use wholesale terms and conditions template – Download. Some prices of your products may change in the future and you want to make sure your customers are aware of them. So don`t forget to mention in this section that your prices can fluctuate without notice, unless an invoice has already been issued. Ready to see your products on the shelf? A retail contract establishes the business relationship between a large retailer and a retailer.

With a good dealer agreement, both parties can be synchronized with inventory, prices and other important details.