Verified views

These specialist images are requested by planning authorities to support applications for developments with large scale or height and those within a sensitive context.

What is a Verified View?
A Verified View is essentially a Photomontage where a surveyor is initially used to record detailed information about the camera location and key points within the photography. We use this information to accurately re-create the camera in our 3D software and align it with our 3D model of the proposed to give a perfect match and illustration of what the propoasl will look like from that exact location.

Other names for verified views

  • Visually verified montages (VVM)
  • Verified photo-montages
  • Accurate visual representations (AVR)
  • Verified images
  • Certified views

What are they for?

You may have been asked by a planning authority for them when submitting a planning application. They are used to help assess the visual impact of any future development.